About Us

Vikalou is a product review site by parents, for parents who want the best for their kids. Born out of the frustration of wanting the best for our children, but overwhelmed by the choice available in the market we decided to create one place where parents could be sure they were getting the right answers.

Our reviews are written by parents who have used the product with their kids, this means that you have hands on experience with how something works, the challenges and durability. And where we can we’ll give you a chance to buy.

We are parents ourselves and we’ve made choices on what to buy from our friends, from social networks and online reviews – here you can search by category, product and brand to get a real view of the choices available, all in one place.


Who is Vikalou?pp-logo

The brand started its life as a parents’ community in 2012, at that time it was named ‘Pushchair Priority’ but was rebranded on the launch of the site. Vikalou is named after our three girls, Victoria, Kate and Louise. This site is dedicated to them and many of the products shown have been tested by their small growing hands.


How it works; Reviews and the Parents Panel

Our content is produced by parents, many of them only submit a handful of posts based on products that they would recommend. It is then curated by our panel of admins, who are also parents and have contributed to the growth of the site, they also help to keep the content fresh and help us stay abreast of new releases in the market.

Parents can contribute in multiple ways:

1/ Submit one, or several product reviews, complete the form here.

2/ Become a member of our Parents Panel, email us on contact@vikalou.com.

3/ Share our content on Facebook and Twitter to make other parents aware.

We grow because we have the answers that parents need.


Advertising strategy

Our site aims to remain impartial and be driven by the content from our users. To fund the site management we drive revenue from limited banner ads and also from sponsored links related to our products.


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Supporting Children Around the World

Vikalou is committed to supporting children around the world, particularly those in need, we therefore support We Like The World, a charity that is revolutionising social travel and supporting the education of children in developing countries.



Contact Us

If you have a question, an issue with content on our site or simply want to find out more, then please contact us by email on contact@vikalou.com.


The Vikalou Team