Trunki Ride-On Suitcase

1 Apr , 2016  

trunkiI must admit that we were given our two trunkis for Christmas. It is not something I would have sought out – mostly because it did not occur to me that luggage like this exists. Even once we were given it, I was not sure if it would suit us, primarily because I wasn’t sure if the kids would be happy to take it around with them everywhere.

Thankfully, I worried for nothing. It has been a big hit and worked out very well for us, especially as a stroller substitute in airports. Below you will find why we love our Trunkis and how we use them.
First of all, the Trunki is carry on size and should be allowed on flights. We have had no problems taking ours on board. Despite being small enough for this, it holds a lot. Far more than the kids’ backpacks we have taken on previous trips. This means we are able to put toys in here, books, pencil cases and still fit lots of clothes and nappies. For a shorter trip, you should be able to fit everything your kid needs.Carry on size and spacious

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Easy to pull around

The big plus about this option is that it has a “lead” that kids can use to pull the Trunki along themselves. It is very easy to do this and the strap is adjustable. This means when I pull it along that I can make the lead longer and then shorter when the kids do it. Even when the case is loaded full, it is still easy to pull.

Our 4 year old was very happy to pull hers along and always does it herself. Our 2 year old can be reluctant. When he won’t do it, we attach it to our big suitcase or put it on our luggage trolley, so the extra item has not been a problem.

Kids ride on suitcase

Trunki ride on suitcase

One of the selling points of the Trunki is that it is ride on luggage – the kids can sit on them and push it around with their feet using the horns to steer. They loved doing this and have used it as a toy while travelling and while we have been in hotels/at home. It is an extra toy so that is an added bonus.

Seat while waiting

The Trunki also makes a great seat while waiting. The kids used them as seats while waiting in airport lines, for the bus or even just to sit down in a hotel room that was lacking chairs.

Stroller substitute in airports

First of all, this is not a recommended feature by the manufacturers. I’m sure that by doing this, we are running the risk of the strap breaking. Do this at your own risk. However, we have done this quite a lot and had no problems.

trunki ride on suitcase in airport

A handy way to get around an airport in the middle of the night

We used the Trunkis as stroller substitutes in airports where we had to walk long distances, especially for Mr 2. He would sit on board and we would pull him along. It worked very well for all of us and this would have to be one of our favourite uses.

Colours and patterns

The Trunki comes in many colours and patterns. Miss 4 loves her pink Trunki, Mr 2 his tiger Trunki. I personally like the ladybird Trunki. There are also lots of other options.

Other features

The case also features carry handles which was handy when walking to our seat on the plane. The case is hard, solid and study – thanks to built in stabilizers to prevent it toppling over. On the inside, there is a strap which helps to keep our things in place so everything doesn’t just fall out when we open it.

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There is also a lock and key to secure the case, although we have not bothered to use this. It shuts very securely without it.

It’s recommended for 3+. Our 4 year old is very big for her age at 23kg and 6 year old height and she has no problems sitting on it, riding on it and getting pulled along on it.

The kids?

As you can probably guess, they love them! They are lots of fun and it gives them someone to do at boring waiting times on travel days. They can also easily pack them themselves and have a spare seat and toy whenever they want it.


Overall, I like our Trunkis a lot. They have come in very handy. They hold a lot and make transporting the kids items easy, especially for Miss 4 who is more than happy to pull this along everywhere.

trunki at the airport

The trunki suitcase definitely helped us navigate the airports

For Mr 2, it is not as big a hit since he is not happy to pull it along for very long. However, it has also been a back saver in many airport where we have been able to pull him along on this instead of having to carry him. It has been worth having the Trunki just for this!

I recommend the Trunki for kids 3+ who are likely to be happy to keep pulling it themselves. I think it is particularly well suited for air and car travel. When it comes to overland travel in places without great sidewalks, it is more difficult to transport around and a small kids’ backpack might be better – it really depends how much space you need for your child.

All in all, I can see us continuing to use the Trunkis often. They are fun and functional – the best qualities for kids’ travel items! They have also made it very easy for us to switch to travelling carry on only.

Review by Where’s Sharon