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Welcome to Vikalou — kids product reviews by parents

29 Feb , 2016  

Welcome to Vikalou!

Welcome to the world’s largest collection of product reviews created exclusively by parents, for parents.

Vikalou is a product review site by parents, for parents who want the best for their kids. Born out of the frustration of wanting the best for our children, but overwhelmed by the choice available in the market we decided to create one place where parents could be sure they were getting the right answers.

Our reviews are written by parents who have used the product with their kids, this means that you have hands on experience with how something works, the challenges and durability. And where we can we’ll give you a chance to buy.

We are parents ourselves and we’ve made choices on what to buy from our friends, from social networks and online reviews – here you can search by category, product and brand to get a real view of the choices available, all in one place.


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