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Beaba Babycook

28 Mar , 2016  


The Beaba Babycook is a very handy tool in the kitchen. It’s great for someone who wants to make their own baby food but isn’t sure where to start as well as for parents who already know what they’re doing and just want it done quickly. This is perfect for parents who would like to control what goes into their baby’s food. A bit pricey but worth it in the end. Makes a great group baby shower gift for the parents who are interested in making baby food.

In other words, it does it all. You simply wash, skin and cut your fruits or veggies into chunks and place them in the steaming basket. Measure the water and pour it in. Put the basket together and select the steaming option. The steaming times is based on the amount of water you put in, which is measured based on what you’re cooking.

Once the steaming is done, you lift the basket out using a special spatula. You can pour the water out or save it to add back into the puree, depending on the consistency you’d like. Place the food into the main chamber and cover it, then select puree.

Once you’ve done it, you really can quickly get the hang of what to do. The hardest part was trying to figure out which food required what amount of water. The instructions are not inclusive of all vegetables and other foods, so you had to make some simple deduction, like a sweet potato would require about the same water level as a regular potato. It also provides you with some recipes to get a bit more bold. Our you can just use it to puree your table food.

My complaints are few, but I would add that I’d like to see another spatula included. The instructions were also a bit light for me when I got started but I did figure it out fairly easily once I got going. When you’re steaming food to warm it up, you’re supposed to put a container into the steam basket. The problem is that it’s too hot to take out immediately. I’m impatient. And I wish that the parts all stored together. I’m a bit picky that way.

I truly enjoyed using the Beaba Babycook. My kids enjoyed helping me prepare food for the baby. Even my toddler was able to help “flip the switch” and grind up food or set it to steam. This really made her happy to join the process. Even better – my baby seemed to enjoy the food! That’s one of the most important parts. They now offer a model that has twice as much space in two portions, meaning you could make a double batch or you could make two different meals at the same time. This might be great for the mom who doesn’t make baby food every day or for a mother of multiples.

Beaba Babycook

Beaba Babycook

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