Eating, Sleeping

Beaba Up&Down Chair

4 Apr , 2016  

For the infant who isn’t quite safe to leave alone, the Beaba Up&Down chair is great. This chair is safe for baby and is fully adjustable, both up and down (to save your back) and reclines for that gentle afternoon nap; on top of this it can also rock or stand steady on the floor with it’s kickstand.


Eating & Drinking

Beaba Babycook

28 Mar , 2016  


The Beaba Babycook is a very handy tool in the kitchen. It’s great for someone who wants to make their own baby food but isn’t sure where to start as well as for parents who already know what they’re doing and just want it done quickly. This is perfect for parents who would like to control what goes into their baby’s food. A bit pricey but worth it in the end. Makes a great group baby shower gift for the parents who are interested in making baby food.